• Cherry Blossom Bloom (Producer)

  • Where Florence Sleeps (Producer, Production Company)

  • Miracle in Kasama (Producer, Production Company)

  • Where is Tokyo? (Producer)

  • In Full Bloom (Japan Consultant)

  • The Dark Raven (Producer, Production Company)

  • Motherhood (Producer)

  • Golden Toad (Producer, Production Company)


  • LA EigaFest Promotion Video (Producer, Production Company)

  • NNNY Skin Care Global Campaign Video (Producer, Production Company)

  • Ultimate Car Finder CM (Producer, Production Company)

  • Ultimate Notification Device CM (Producer, Production Company)


       2011 Guests: Takayuki Yamada (Actor), Yoshimasa Ishibashi (Director), Hideaki Ibuki (METI), etc...

       2012 Guests: Munetaka Aoki (Actor), Keishi Otomo (Director), Roy Lee (Producer), etc...

       2013 Guests: Ken Watanabe (Actor), Lee Sang-Il (Director), Oliver Stone (Director) , etc...

        2014 Guests: Meisa Kuroki (Actress), Ryuhei Kitamura (Director), Doug Liman (Director), etc...

        2015 Guests: Munetaka Aoki (Actor), Keishi Otomo (Director), Sion Sono (Director), etc...

  • Miss Sake USA (Event Producer)

  • Dream Kid Film Festival (Event Producer)

  • Japan Cuts Hollywood (Festival Advisor)

Consulting Clients

  • 20th Century Fox

  • Dentsu

  • Hakuhodo

  • Uni Japan

  • Japanese government

  • Other US/Japanese media companies

Other projects we've worked on

  • Advisor on films with Japanese elements

  • Japanese language coach

  • American Accent coach for Japanese talent

  • Interpreting (Japanese/English) for meetings, panels, 1 on 1

  • Casting Japanese talent for US projects