Produced Film

Tatsuro Manno


Tatsuro  grew up in Osaka, Japan and traveled to the US when he was 19 to attend California State University Northridge. He graduated with a BA in Film Production.
While attending college, Tatsuro was part of many productions both inside and outside of school. He was also director of his own projects.
In 2011, his short film "Save Earth, Save Us" which featured environmental issues was nominated in various film festvivals all over the world including the Short Shorts Film Festival and won the Award of Merit in the Accolade Competition.
He was also the media director for Japan Film Society, a Non Profit Organizaiton in the US and was in charge of all official videos for the organization's annual film festival "LA EigaFest"  
After returning to Japan, he directed Japanese Kabuki super star Ebizo Ichikawa's videos, a TV program for Canada's 150th anniversary, and programs for NHK WORLD - JAPAN.