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We are a full service production company creating content including film, commercials, promotional videos, corporate videos, short form content, and more. Let us know what you need and we're here to help! Check out the projects we've worked on here.

We also specialize in Japan related projects. If you are interested in shooting in Japan, we are a one stop shop for this. We offer translation, interpretation, permits, logistics, casting, crew, and more to meet your specific needs.


Film & Video Production

We offer targeted production services for your content whether it be for film, promotional videos, corporate videos, music videos, etc...

Feel free to contact and discuss with us your specific needs and we'd love to help out.

Check out the film and video production projects we've worked on here.



Hayato's knowledge and experience in both the US and Japanese entertainment industry have helped clients communicate their message in an accurate and culturally sensitive manner so that there is no "Lost in Translation" and the issues are clear for both parties. 
Hayato has also interpreted for projects involving an audience, such as live events, seminars, interviews, and panels.


Japanese Projects

If you plan on shooting in Japan, let us know. It can be very daunting shooting in a foreign and complicated country such as Japan. We have produced multiple films in the country and can help run your production smoothly. 

If you have any other Japan related questions such as script, culture, cast, director, language, etc.., feel free to contact us as well. 

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